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Cuphead and Mugman are two brothers who have bet against the Devil and lost. Now they have to recover their souls and to do so they will embark on a crusade that will take them through different worlds and will make them face different enemies.
Finally Cuphead for mobile

This is the argument of Cuphead Mobile, adaptation of the PC and console video game that has been designed with the aesthetics of classic cartoons like those of the early days of Disney. It is a 2D platform game with shoot’em up type action that is very fun and whose mechanics and gameplay is reminiscent of the titles of always, those of arcade machines.

The original game was released in 2017 and was a critical and sales success. That yes, it is a beta version so if you install the APK you may notice that it is not as stable as it should be. We’ll have to wait for a stable version to be released but in the meantime we can entertain ourselves with this one.

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Download Cuphead Mobile APK free

The best retro platform game Cuphead for android! Try now the latest version of Cuphead APK that was optimized to run on any device. The best of the cartoons of yesterday and today along with the graphics and mechanics of today’s games. Download APK here:

The best thing is that it runs smoothly on any range of devices with more than one gigabyte of Ram memory. It weighs little because the OBBs are downloaded as they are needed allowing you to play from the first moment. So you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space on your phone. When you enter for the first time these will be updated automatically adapting to the needs of your device. Enjoy this game that became so popular on PC and Xbox without losing any of its quality and playability.

Enter a world of crazy drawings with Cuphead by downloading the APK right now! The download process is really simple. All you have to do is download the APK file and install it on your phone. Then the game will launch and guide you through the remaining steps. It couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is click Download and that’s it. Don’t waste your time with old versions, we have the oficial last version Cuphead APK. And start enjoying this game with new characters, lots of combos, original and very funny final bosses. Defeat the final boss and save the damsel in distress. Don’t waste your time to enjoy one of the best games of the year.

Cuphead Beta APK Features

  • Graphics equal to PC graphics
  • Runs on any version of Android kitkat or higher
  • Updated as of today
  • Achievements available

Minimum requirements Cuphead APK:

Android 5.0+(Recommended)

  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • SnapDragon 450 processor 1.8 GHz
  • Mid-range devices and up

Changes list (Beta 6 and 6.1 Cuphead Mobile):

  • Added Clip Joint Calamity
  • Added Mausoleum
  • Added Super Art I
  • Improvements to Cuphead animations
  • Added Cuphead 8way shooting
  • Improvements in Floral Fury (harder)
  • More particles added
  • Acorn Maker now works on Run n’ Gun
  • Improved Pause, nothing moves anymore while the game is paused
  • Parry improved, like in the original game (more difficult)
  • Fixed several bugs (see discord server)
  • Optimization improvements
  • Power, Shooter and Super Art selection menu
  • Functional save system
  • Results screen at the end of each level
  • New movement controls
  • Red or yellow flag depending on the score obtained in each boss
  • Added HEART Extra Hit Point in the store
  • Complete tutorial
  • Corrected tutorial lyrics
  • Contracts added
  • Delete game now works correctly
  • Added SPREAD SHOOT in the store
  • Brief pause when doing a parry (As in the original game)
  • Cuphead animation when crouching
  • Credits screen
  • Airplane tutorial
  • Improved Goopy
  • Improvements in the level selection map, with respect to controls and bugs.
  • Camera movement in all levels
  • Adjustments now ingame
  • New ingame contrast adjustment
  • Screen changes in the game information screen New ingame contrast setting
  • Run n’ Gun improvements
  • All options in the game menu Improved ingame animations
  • Improved Cuphead’s animations on the map
  • More sounds added
  • More waiting time in Cagney before doing the upper or lower face attack
  • Parrys now fill in the cards for super beam
  • Announcements removed
  • Death music same as original
  • Improvements in the piranha plant in Run N’ Gun
  • Ex move same as PC
  • Studio MDHR intro added to the game
  • More announcer sounds
  • Closed bridges at the beginning of the game
  • Parry in Goopy

How to install the Cuphead APK on Android

It is very simple and we explain it step by step:

  1. Download the APK Cuphead file from our website. We always have the latest version.
  2. If you download it from your PC you will have to transfer it to your mobile using a USB cable or uploading the file to the cloud and downloading it from your device. If you download it from your mobile you just have to go to the download folder in your file manager.
  3. Once in the mobile, click on the Cuphead Apk and wait for it to run. Accept the installation and that’s it.
  4. If you get an error either when downloading or installing it, you will have to activate the option of unknown origins in the settings section.
  5. Ready, to play the version of Cuphead for Android.

User Reviews Cuphead Mobile

I’m 50% of the game completed, dying 489 times and I can assure you that it’s beautiful… the difficulty is high, but not impossible, after a boss kills you 20 times you get the chip out of each face, and when you die you try again because you know it was you who failed and you can improve. Very fun, very good design, graphics and bosses that travel. The game is super psychedelic and I like that even more, the colors, sounds, and effects roompen! A game that everyone who likes challenges will love. It was the only reason why I wanted an xbox having a ps4, luckily now it is for all platforms.
This fantastic title has endless fantasy and graphics that are incredibly satisfying. The quality of movement of every character makes it very clear that its creators made the game with a lot of love. I can hardly say anything that is not already known about this marvel in the form of a video game, since the mere fact that it has managed to enter the three major video game companies (Sony, Nintendo and X box) is already a clear example of what it is worth. I expect more works of their creative authors who risked a lot but was rewarded and the only downside is the high difficulty, which hardly deserves to be mentioned, because for some it may be a game of normal difficulty (and already have to be very few). Five stars.
This video game is a marvel. It’s like suddenly finding an arcade in your house, reliving the Disney cartoons of the 30’s, mixing it with the great arcades of the 90’s like Snow Brothers, Super Pang, etc… We add a Jazz music, Boggie-boggie, a masterful gameplay and, best of all, it can be played in cooperative mode. I do not put any downside, only warn you that its difficulty is high. So if you don’t want to be frustrated, play well rested and very concentrated. Hopefully the Canadians from MDHR will release the DLC The Delicious Last Course before the end of the year for all platforms. All in all, a masterpiece.
One of the best Run n Gun that exist in the whole universe, makes you feel that nostalgia to the Cartoon of the 30’s (I showed the game to my old father and he says that cartoons were like that before hahaha), an example would be Felix The Cat Movie of 1988 or Popeye the Sailor. Varied weapons and objects, very original and well designed bosses, stages with good atmosphere, wonderful music. I was ENJOYED. I love this. 5/5
Undoubtedly a great game that takes you to ancient times, its graphics are special, and not to mention the difficulty of the game, who has not broken 57 controllers because of the bosses. The reason why I give it 4 stars? Well honestly in my opinion it doesn’t have a bad story but it doesn’t have a very good one either, that’s the only flaw I see, everything else is fine. If you want some action in a video game, Chupead is for you. 100% recommendable
It is a splendid game. What I like the most are the graphics. And the joy of passing a boss that you did not pass. I also like the character designs I also wish they could an online mode for Nintendo switch or PS4 or Xbox or on other devices. It’s a challenging but enjoyable game. I give it 5 stars because I like it a lot, I recommend it for those who like the dificultat i the old as the old I mean the style of the graphics that look like old times.
When I found out it was available for the Nintendo, I wanted it VERY MUCH, and before that I was looking for it on my cell phone :v It’s also available for the laptop but I wanted to play it for the Nintendo 🙂 I highly recommend this game, but it’s better if you are relaxed because sometimes you get stressed. 5/5
From the 30’s until today the cartoons have entertained many children the cartoons obviously do not make sense when I saw cuphead for the first time I thought it would be impossible to pass and that it was very bad but now for its good old quality and the difficulty very good for a cartoon I love it I know it is difficult but if you have patience good control in your hands and above all concentration you will succeed. the game gives you an adventure through the world of cartoons with a good story to try and above all you can play in multiplayer of two

Our Review Cuphead: an Android game on the verge of excellence

We were impatient to taste the final version of Cuphead Android version. Since it was presented for the first time, back in 2014, it was love at first sight and a declaration of love towards Konami’s ‘Contra’ and any Treasure classic, like the essential ‘Gunstar Heroes’ of SEGA’s Mega Drive.


Except that here we came across an exquisite graphic section that paid homage to the cartoons of the 30’s. That’s why it attracted our attention at the beginning, and also for basing its mechanics at the beginning in Boss Rush mode… until the run & gun parts were also introduced. The doubt we always had was to know if it could survive the hype, something that we can now dispel with its analysis. Let’s see what the devil tells us…

Once upon a time, there was a magical place…

As in every tale, there is a seemingly quiet beginning. Cuphead and Mugman, the mug-brothers, lived peacefully on Inkwell Island, a magical place in the care of the wise Elder Kettle. But as in every fairy tale, they decided to move away from home and ended up in the devil’s casino. And of course, they tried their luck.

Things went very well at first, with a winning streak that surprised even King Dice, the manager of the place. Until the devil decided to raise the stakes, with the casino at stake. But if the brothers lost, he would keep their souls. Logically, they ended up losing and asked for another way to pay their debts, to which the devil offered them a list of defaulters from all over the island.

And that’s how the adventure begins… and that excuse to face so many bosses in ‘Cuphead’. Because despite the introduction of run & gun parts, it will be above all an almost constant Boss Rush that will put us against the ropes.

In love with Cuphead from the beginning

Before seeing its introduction, I stayed several minutes without pressing the play button. Out of fear? No, for tasting its exquisite soundtrack, composed by Kristofer Maddigan, in the line of classic jazz of the 30’s. A delight.

Both the sound and the graphics, touch an outstanding level. And is that ‘Cuphead’ enters, above all, by the senses of sight and hearing. Each scenario is a powerful tribute to the handmade drawings of Disney and Fleischer Studios. The influences acknowledged by Studio MDHR go further, however, citing also ComiColor, Van Beuren, Columbia Pictures or Copley Pictures. Each duel is full of references, and it is a delight to see how the bosses evolve. Sometimes we will be killed precisely for that, for gawking at what happens on screen.

But luckily, this run & gun is more than just a pretty face. At the gameplay level it fulfills what is expected, with a robust control in which we will control all situations to perfection. If we get killed, it will be our fault. And nothing more.

Studio MDHR has succeeded in introducing a simple control with two fundamental pieces: jump and shoot. But in line with the games of yesteryear, no aiming with the right stick. In addition, we can fix the shot, standing still, exchange the shot itself for a second (after unlocking it in the store), charge a special, make a dash (both on the ground and in the air) and perform a parry. But it is something that does not entail any kind of complication.

Some flashes of quality in run & gun parts

Now, one of the doubts we always had about ‘Cuphead’ were those run & gun parts that were introduced a posteriori and that had been from the beginning in the mind of Studio MDHR. And the truth is that, except for a few, they do not manage to be at the same level. But above all, it is surprising that they are optional.

Because the development of each level is not like the classics of Konami or Treasure in which it is inspired. Here we will move around a map, but with more freedom than that seen in ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’, and we can freely choose which phase we want to complete, as long as access is unlocked.

Those that are run & gun style, in the line of ‘Metal Slug’ and so on, are located in transition zones. But they also work solely and exclusively to get coins that we will use later in the store to unlock more types of shooting or advantages for the protagonists. After all, in none of these stages will we obtain souls, a prerequisite to see the end. Because no, there won’t be any bosses in those stages right after.

But beyond that feeling of seeing them as something introduced with a shoehorn, the truth is that some do manage to stand out by giving a twist to the classic mechanics of running and shooting, such as the one in which we will constantly alternate gravity to dodge a car race.

Cuphead for Android is much more difficult than it looks

In both run & gun and boss style stages, our performance will be evaluated based on the time it has taken us to complete it, as well as the remaining life, the coins collected (only in run & gun), the parries used correctly, the specials obtained and the difficulty chosen.

It is important to emphasize that the souls will only be obtained by playing in Regular mode, which would be the hard mode, so to unlock the final part of the Casino, we will have to sweat it out. And the Simple mode, which technically would be “easy”, will not be a walkthrough either. But at least with this one we can unlock all parts of the island in a more affordable way, if at some point we find ourselves on the ropes. Needless to say, there will be a much more demanding mode, designed for the experts of the place.

When we had the chance to try it out in 2015, I had the feeling that it sinned of offering endurance duels, rather than properly difficult. But fortunately, Studio MDHR has taken note and created some extremely varied and original confrontations, even if we repeat them. Because the patterns are constantly changing, not only every time we take them through each of its various critical points, as if it were a Japanese danmaku.

And it must be said that the story changes a lot between Simple and Regular. One of the bosses that gave me the most trouble, Beppi the Clown (image above), eliminates the part of the roller coaster if we opt for the simplified version. And it is that in the Simple difficulty, the elements that are there to annoy more than they should, disappear. In addition, the duels are faster as some of the “transformations” of the bosses are also eliminated. But since you have to beat them in Regular to get souls, the Simple mode will be a wild card, not the final solution.

An experience that will take time to complete

Patience Solitaire Free Download

‘Cuphead’ may give the feeling of a short game, but it is not at all. Mainly because of how extremely complicated the bosses of world 3 are, the prelude to the Casino finale. And since we have to get their souls in Regular mode, we can die hundreds of times without even unlocking that final part… unless someone helps us in cooperative mode (locally, of course), where the adventure becomes much more affordable to revive the partner as many times as we want if we perform the parry correctly.

Since we have mentioned several times the parry, we must explain what is this technically apparently useless at first if we play alone, because it does not only serve to make our assessment at the end of each phase is more positive. The parry is performed by pressing the jump again before any pink element, getting a double jump and getting a special along the way.

Against some bosses it will be vital to use it to be able to dodge, being a very useful technique to defeat them as soon as possible because of the super bar. In fact, there will be three stages, inside some mausoleums, where you will have to use only and exclusively the parries to eliminate some ghosts. Each of these levels will give us access to a super art, which would be the final stroke of the special by accumulating its maximum power. And not only will they be of attack, but with one we can become invincible for a few seconds.

Cuphead falls just short of excellence

On the map, talking to the inhabitants of Inkwell, we can get more things, such as coins or unlock shots for the phases in a plane, being quite curious that there are direct shortcuts to the final stretch of each island.

Although we have said that they are optional, the real utility of the run & gun phases is in the shots and advantages that we can buy. Now, we can only have two shots equipped, a super art and a perk. Within the shots, we will see the usual, such as the scattered shot or one that acts as a boomerang, while in the advantages we can sacrifice a little the power of the shots to have one more heart (or even two), or when performing the dash we can teleport, avoiding any damage along the way. But we emphasize it again, we can only have one active advantage. And it will not always be easy to choose.

On the other hand, it is appreciated that the buttons can be reconfigured, since the default layout is not the most practical. What is not acceptable is that we experience slight and sporadic slowdowns in certain sections of the game. We do not understand very well how they take place, since it does not seem an intentional tribute to those slowdowns more typical of the shoot’em up of the last century and that, in a way, were appreciated by making things easier. Although here it’s not that they don’t bother us so much, but they do seem strange. And the loading times could also be optimized, by the way.

These are the only two negative points that tarnish the experience a bit, although it is inevitable to remember the run & gun phases. If these had been part of the prelude to each boss, we probably would have been left with a more positive feeling. But as they are, they seem to be for decoration and to timidly silence the criticisms for this core based almost exclusively on the classic Boss Rush.

The final opinion about Cuphead Android

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In spite of everything, ‘Cuphead’ is a delicious action platformer that surprises by how careful are the duels against the final bosses, inevitably reminding us of the best era of Treasure. But at the same time, with that feeling of a product that has failed to exploit its full potential for not having better implemented the parts of run & gun. Of course, it will take us a lot to complete it.

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